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In my last post we played a little game and the winner was promised a featured spot in a future blog post. (If you missed the fun, check it out here). Well, the time has come.

I’d like to introduce you all to Cassie ‘Seabass’ Bosley. Cassie and I met during our freshmen year of college. She lived (still does) in Pennsylvania, but was born in Maine, so we hit it off right away. In the nine years since we’ve graduated we’ve stayed in fairly close contact despite the 700+ miles separating us.

Our lives have paralleled each other’s in several ways. We both earned our teaching degrees in college. Our birthdays are only a couple of weeks apart (she turns 31 TODAY so everyone should tell her HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!). She got married a couple of years before me, but we have been pregnant together four times. Both of our first pregnancies resulted in miscarriages that happened almost simultaneously. The next time around, Eli was born in May and her oldest daughter, Colby, was born in October. Our second children (both boys) were scheduled to be born on the same day, but my little man decided to arrive a day early. And finally, our third children (both girls) were born a week apart.

To make things fun, I asked Cassie some Would You Rather questions. Remember that game? You’re given two options and you have to choose the more appealing (or the least disgusting) of the two. So without further ado, I give you Cassie Bosley’s Would You Rather:

1.Would you rather be stranded on a tropical (but deserted) island with no hope of rescue for at least 5 years or be stranded in the frozen (and deserted) tundra for only 3 months?

Hmmm… we’ve watched a lot of Bear Grylls… think I’d have better luck living off of the tropical island, but it might depend on the time of year to be stranded in the tundra 😉

2. Would you rather have your baby accidentally throw up in your mouth or poop in your mouth?
Definitely throw up… in fact my 4 year old did just that last week when she had the stomach bug =/  (and then I woke up with it the following morning).
3. Would you rather win a new car or an ‘all expenses paid’ two week vacation?
Probably a new car would be more helpful for our family… now that I’m almost 31, I’m ready to be a van mom 😉  plus we have a lot of places we can go for free with the fam.
4. Would you rather give up sweet snacks or salty snacks?
This is a tough one… I like my snacks (as I sit on the couch eating PopCorners and drinking a Coke)… first and foremost, I probably couldn’t give up baked goods (w/ chocolate).
5. Would you rather lose your hearing or your eyesight?
I have definitely thought about this one before!!!  I love reading and taking pictures… so definitely think I would rather be deaf. Plus I have a head start with baby signing 😉
6. Would you rather become a famous actress or a famous singer?
Not really interested in being famous… but if I had to pick, not sure my voice is that great (despite the fact that I bust out in song constantly… mostly putting different words to a tune to match what I’m doing… maybe that comes from teaching preschool?) so I’d go with reality star 😉
7. Would  you  rather have the ability to fly or have the ability to teleport?
No opinion
8. Would you rather have a personal chef or a housekeeper?
Housekeeper!  I don’t like that many different foods anyway, but definitely need help keeping the house cleaned up.  Is personal organizer an option?
9. Would you rather have a pause button or a fast forward button for your life?
Slow motion!  Even though they drive me crazy a lot of the time, not ready for my little ones to grow up yet!! Glad Colby doesn’t make the Kindergarten cut-off… means I get an extra year of fun before she goes off into the real world 😉
10. Would you rather have one horribly behaved child (with no hope of improving behavior) or 25 well behaved children (who all fall between the ages of 0-10)?
25!  If it weren’t for 3 c-sections already… and an uncooperative husband… I’d be on my way to becoming Michelle Duggar #2 😉
Thanks for playing, Cass!!
Readers, I’d love to hear your answers!
Lauren Cormier

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