Monthly Archives: April 2013

Letters to My Children: Part One

Dear Samuel, Today you turn three and move from toddlerhood to being a preschooler. Although I know it’s a necessary part of growing up, I don’t relish the thought that in a few short months I’ll drop you off at nursery school and your journey into independence (and away from me) will begin. Years before […]

It All Began With a Mule Named Alice

In February of 2003 my parents went to Arizona to visit my uncle and aunt. Any trip to the Southwest, especially one that involves traveling 3000 miles to get there, is not complete without a stop at the Grand Canyon. And so, although it was several hours away, the two couples took some time to […]

What Makes You Feel Welcome?

A few months ago, inspired by a contest I participated in, I wrote ‘I Want to See Inside Your Fridge‘. In it, I shared pictures of the insides of our bedroom closets and asked you to do the same. My friend Shannon, inspired by that post, shared pictures on her blog of real life spaces […]