Monthly Archives: November 2012

The Unthinkable

Recently a Facebook friend has been posting links that I refuse to click on. It’s not because they are inappropriate or violate some belief I have. It’s because they are links to a blog that a mom is writing about her son. Her two year old son who they found out a few weeks ago […]

A Promise

A phone conversation with my husband a couple of weeks ago has had me mulling over this post for a little while now, but it’s proving difficult to write. You see, when I started this blog I made myself a promise. I knew that with this theme of honesty I’ve got going, it could be […]

Ready or Not

I’m sitting here trying to work up the nerve to eat a piece of toast. It’s a simple enough series of actions. Bite, chew, swallow. Funny how something so seemingly insignificant can hold so much meaning. Here’s the thing: if I eat this toast, I’m forever closing a chapter in my life that I’m not […]

I Wasn’t Lying!

WARNING: The images you are about to see are real.  Some may find these images frightening or disturbing. Viewer discretion is advised. In case you thought I was exaggerating when I told you about my messy house, here’s proof that I wasn’t: This is our bonus room, shot from two different angles Now before you […]

My Little Brat

Confession time! This will come as no great surprise to those of you who already have children, but it may be shocking to the ones who haven’t yet delved into the wonderful world of parenting. Brace yourselves, future dads and moms because here it is: Sometimes I don’t like my kids. Thankfully, most of the […]